PRNTOM Introduces Devices with the Latest Smart Android 14 System

Publisher: Administrator    Date: 2024-05-16

By introducing the Android 14 system into its latest product lines, we promises to revolutionize the user's smart experience.


1. Larger Font: On devices with Android 13, text can only be zoomed up to 130 times, while on devices with Android 14, it can go up to 200 times.

2. Super HDR Image Format Support

3. More Standardized Photo Selection

4. More Power-saving Caching Mechanism

5. Seamless Login Experience

6. Open Store Policy

7. Added Notification Flash

8. Regional Preference Settings

9. New Battery Information

10. New Alarm Permissions

As Android 14 launched, PRITOM swiftly integrated the Android 14 system across its latest product range (E10, M10,B7-Series smart tablets, etc. ), ushering in a new
era of smart experiences for users. Whether engaging in gaming, multimedia entertainment, or daily office tasks, PRITOM's smart devices equipped with the Android 14
system effortlessly cater to various needs, offering a more convenient, efficient, and delightful smart life experience.

At its core, PRITOM consistently prioritizes user satisfaction by launching cutting-edge products that resonate with market demands. By embracing the Android 14 system,
PRITOM is poised to unveil more surprises and conveniences for users, infusing vibrancy into the realm of smart living.

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