Q: What to do if the tablet screen has a PIN and cannot go pass?

A: You can do a Factory Reset, but please know the data all will be erased.For futher help, please get in touch with us via email address.

Q:  What is the warranty? Will it be for the tablet screen cracked?

A: The warranty is for the product quality issue, so if it is the damage by man-made, warranty is not covered by it.

Q: How long will the warranty cover?

A: Generally speaking, it is 180 days or one year.

Q: If my charger is broken, how can I get a new one?

A: You can buy a universal charger online or in a physical store. Because most of them are universal. 

Q: The battery life is short, what should I do ?

A: You can disable the automatic startup of some apps, or download optimization software to optimize.

Q: Can I place a large order? Are there any discounts? 

A: Certainly, please contact us by email!